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We are seasoned and established real estate professionals who know that purchasing or selling a luxury, or fine home, is more than just presenting the house. The location, the story and history of the home is many times just as important. What amenities the neighborhood provides as well as the lifestyle that is prominent.

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Zookality, It's all about the Locality

Truth is, you are looking for more than just a structure to call home.  You are looking for a home that gives you access to the life style you are seeking.  Zookality, is all about helping you narrow down the neighborhoods that can provide you with the leisurely life style you have earned.

About Us

Luxe Est Luxe Est simply means "Luxury Is" in French. It sums up our goal of providing unsurpassed marketing of fine and luxury homes in and around Virginia beach. Luxury Is our focus and helping buyers or sellers of luxury and fine homes is our only goal.

Luxury living is ... ?

LUXE Est askes the simple question "What is luxury?"

Luxe Est goal is to explore the many distinct ideas of Virginia Beach Luxury homes, and the life styles that accompany the homes.   This site explores the locations, the life, the amenities and the stories of each home and neighborhood.  Virginia Beach luxury homes and neighborhoods explored and explained by Real Estate agents, for home buyers and sellers.


Every real estate agent and company can show you listings, but only WE can tell you about neighborhoods. Begin your HOME SEARCH with us ... Welcome to a uniquely different Virginia Beach Real Estate web experience.

Century 21 RainMaker

Century 21 Rainmaker is all about fine homes of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the neighboring cities,

Fine homes come in a number of sizes, shapes, locations and price ranges.  c21rainmaker explores these homes and the neighborhoods and subdivsions that they are a part of.